I am here to:
☻ brighten your day with colorful, silly drawings, since it's something that helps me personally to calm down and smile
☻ help you find a visual identity that expresses you best, since that's what I've been learning to do and perfecting for the last 10 years – I want to facilitate this process for you and your brand
☻ draw something unique that will make your product / article / website stand out, since that's what I've been training to do my entire life!
☻ answer your questions and inquiries about any other thing I could collaborate with you on – at hello@magdamarch.com​​​​
My experience and education:
✿ I have been drawing since I could hold a pen in my hand
✿ I have a Masters Degree in Graphic Design, and I've additionally studied Animation for a year
✿ I have 3 years of experience working in a design agency, designing for big brands and smaller clients and creating a whole variety of materials, from logos, icons, visual IDs, layouts, illustrations, to animation and even video montage – I know it all!
✿ I ran a week long illustration course in ECV at Aix-en-Provence for 4th and 5th year students, and a 10 day hand typography / branding workshops in TUMO Yerevan, and I'd love to do more of that! 
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